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Uri i Kuba

Let's go get to know each other!

We are a small, family company from Warsaw: we roast and brew coffee in our cafes. We have a whole lot of great coffees, starting with Arabica and Robusta blends for espresso.and endingon singles for transfers.

Since 2020, we have been the organizers of the Polish Aeropress Championshipand it can be said immodestly that every year we raise these competitions to an increasingly higher level. We make not only coffee but also coffee accessories and gadgets. We try to bring you things that have never been available in Poland before, such as lily drip, merkava or handybrew. We have our own brand, Cophied, where we create coffee-themed socks, pins and posters. We are as crazy as our blends and I bet that once you try our coffee, you will want to come back to it every time!


We are the largest official distributor and certified service point of Conti coffee machines and grinders on the Polish market. Conti is a company with over 60 years of tradition, located in Monte Carlo, Monaco. 

For decades, Conti machines have been designed by experienced specialists and enthusiasts and assembled by hand

in Monte Carlo. Conti solutions surprise not only with their excellent workmanship, reliability and excellent ratio of price to equipment parameters and features. 

Our offer includes both leading coffee machines for cafes and restaurants, as well as automatic machines for offices where coffee is valued at the highest level. Each machine can be individually configured. Dozens of different combinations of colors and finishing materials are available. If you are interested in the equipment offer, please contact us

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Invite us to your event! We will take the equipment and a professional barista with us and we will create a substitute for a real cafe in your space. In addition to coffee breaks, we also prepare breakfasts, lunches and other refreshments depending on the needs of our clients.

We have experience in creating thematic catering: when it comes to holidays or important celebrations. Do you need to prepare an event for Valentine's Day, Fat Thursday or Easter? We will be happy to do it for you!

Write to us with information: what, where and how as well as the budget and we will take care of everything :)

Do you have any questions?

Are you looking for catering, a coffee corner or Christmas gifts for employees in your company?

Write to us!

513 422 908

Dziękujemy! Odpowiemy najszybciej jak to możliwe.

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